Moving map Symposium (Lausanne, Apr. 14-15, 2011)

Eidolon is a research network dedicated “to contribute to innovation in cartography either directly or by stimulating research.” This group is organizing a moving map symposium in Lausanne, Suisse (Apr. 14-15, 2011) with a very impressive program including speakers such as Bruno Latour, Emanuela Casti, Jacques Lévy, Franco Farinelli, Michel Lussault and many others. This symposium will be organized around three workshops (Who’s the Author of these Maps ? Mapping Values and Social Justice. Ethics Despite Aesthetics ?) and will also include an art exhibit and a map contest.


Stories in Reserve

Stories in Reserve is a project that involve a group of artists exploring – and mapping – places with a dual point of view: from the insiders perspectives and from the outsiders one (e.g. tourists). The first volume includes three audio tours: transnational commerce in Tijuana (by Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga);  Superfund-classified wildlife refugees in southern Illinois ( by Sarah Kanouse); and Vancouver’s site of the 2010 Winter Olympic games (by Ryan Griffis, Lize Mogel & Sarah Ross). These tours are presented with full-color maps and images. The books can be ordered for $15 + the cost of shipping. The great news is that the book and the audio tours are also downloadable for free

Understanding Different Geographies (Workshop)

Following the successful workshop on Mapping Different Geography that took place in 2009, the University of Vienna is organizing another exciting workshop entitled understanding different geographies – Communicating Meaning with Geo[Graphic] Artifacts that will take place at Puchberg am Schneeberg, Austria from January 31st till February 3rd. The outcome of the 2009 workshop is an edited book that has been freshly released.

International Cartographic Conference – Paris 2011

The next International Cartographic Conference will be held in Paris in 2011 (July 3 to 8). The deadline for submitting proposal is approaching very fast: 4 October 2010. If you cannot submit a full refereed paper before this deadline, there is still the possibility to submit an abstract (400 to 550 words) for oral presentation or a poster. There will be a theme on Art, Culture and Cartography (T5), so you might want to consider  submitting your paper under this theme (See the call for papers for more details).

Beside paper sessions, the Arts and Cartography working group will be organizing different activities. A workshop in collaboration with the worksing group on Maps and Society will take place prior to the conference (this workshop may also include an art exhibit). An experimental walking tour with mixed groups of cartographers and Parisian artists will be organized to explore the invisible borders between the arrondissements of Paris (July 4 at 5 pm). We are also in the process of organizing a film screening, and another art and map exhibit has already been organized. Hope to see you in Paris next year.

Challenge: Mapping The Big Apple

An original challenge organized by the Cartographers’ Guild, in partnership with the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, is currently taking place. The participants are asked to create up to three maps inspired by New York. This inspiration can be pretty loose, or very literal. The top 45 entries will be displayed in a gallery show in an art gallery in Soho, Manhattan from the 16th of November to the 12th of December. The deadline is the 31st of October. More details here.

Rethinking Anywhere Anytime

Rethinking Location Anytime Anywhere Everything :: until June 19, 2010 :: Sprüth Magers, Oranienburger Straße 18, D-10178 Berlin.

With works by Rosa BarbaCyprien GaillardAndreas HoferKoo Jeong-ADavid MaljkovicTrevor PaglenChristodoulos PanayiotouSterling RubyPaul SietsemaTaryn SimonArmando Andrade TudelaAndro Wekua. Curated by Johannes Fricke Waldthausen.

Evolving from the work of twelve conceptual artists, filmmakers and photographers presenting alternate interpretations of fictional geographies, imaginary sites and ‘mash-up’ destinations, the exhibition Rethinking Location reconsiders the notion of location. In an era characterized by a rapidly changing perception of time and space due to ever increasing mobility, migration and globalisation, our understanding of what a location is has significantly transformed. Taking these changes for granted, the exhibition investigates how artists consider location and geography as source material for their work.

For more information go to http://turbulence.org/blog/2010/05/17/rethinking-location-anytime-anywhere-everything-berlin/