Month: September 2008

GeoViz – Hamburg 2009

At a first glance, the Workshop dealing with Contribution of Geovisualization to the concept of the Digital City (Hamburg, March 3-5, 2009) may sound a bit data oriented and decision making driven:

The concept of a “Digital City” does not refer to a single, specific city. Instead we pursue a functional approach with four interdependent aspects:

  • Supporting data and information,
  • providing a communication infrastructure,
  • delivering value added information and innovative services, and
  • using virtual environments in planning, decision-making and analysis.

But this workshop might also provide a great opportunity for artists to present their visions and their representations of the Digital City, and to discuss with GIS specialists and cartographers, which might also be entertaining. The deadline for submitting 500 words abstracts is December 1st, 2008.

Thanks to Anna-Lena Kornfeld for sharing this information.


Cybercartographic Atlas of Canadian Cinema

A first version of our Experimental Cybercartographic Atlas of Canadian Cinema is now available. If you have a HIGH SPEED Internet connexion and a recent version of SAFARI or FIREFOX, you can explore it (unfortunatelly, due to the advanced, standards compliant nature of the technology powering the atlas it is currently NOT accessible with Internet Explorer. Note: If you only have Internet Explorer you can still explore the Google Map Mashup of Canadian Movie Theaters at the same address).

The overall goal of this EXPERIMENTAL atlas is to better understand the influence of cinema in the construction and dissemination of geographic identities. To reach this goal, this atlas maps Canadian cinematographic territories, including the territories of film production (e.g. shooting location), of film audience (e.g. revenues of films), and of film action. Simultaneously, this atlas serves as a laboratory to explore new forms of cartographic techniques inspired by cinema, including jump cut framing, and audio-visual mapping.