Video, maps and the roots of the Middle East conflict

From the movie Know!edge
From the movie Know!edge

Here is a great example of the use of maps by video artists to narrate a complex and sensitive history (the roots of the Middle East conflict) for educational purpose. This video has been posted on a blog and the comments challenging the facts presented in the video are also quite interesting. They illustrate the persuasive and authoritative power of this kind of “cool” video cartography. This video just like many maps and “most narrative films tend toward a rhetoric of invisibility” (Tom Conley 2006, 4). Behind the camouflage of neutrality and objectivity of this video (and of many technological maps) there is probably a more ideological perspective. Nothing new here; only the technological and graphic design camouflages seem very efficient and convincing. Thanks to tracey for pointing out to this video.


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