Against the Map. (Contra el mapa)


Writen by Estrella de Diego, a well-known specialist in contemporary art, this recent essay kicks off  with the world map altered by french surrealists in 1929. Short essay, but very dense and interesting pages. The only bad news; it’s only in Spanish so far. Rights for English publishing seem to be available anyway. Highly recommended.

” In 1929 the magazine Variétés published an unusual “Map of the World in the Times of the Surrealistic “, whose dislocated cartography, of surprising borders, was announcing other future questioning of the narrative practices agreed in our culture. Because transgressing the map is equivalent to revise the world, as the map is not but the product of certain design “à la carte” that is proposed and is imposed from the power. Following the track of the codified cartographies, the present book raises the use of the maps by the contemporary artists as a weapon against the established narratives and their traps, implicit and inherited.”

(taken from the publishers website)

Estrella de Diego. Contra el mapa. Disturbios en la geografía colonial de Occidente.
La Biblioteca Azul serie mínima. Editorial Siruela. 2008.

One thought on “Against the Map. (Contra el mapa)

  1. Thanks Teresa for this post. This book looks really interesting and I am glad you brought it to our attention. I will try to read it with my very limited Spanish.

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