Month: June 2009

“Aerial photographs” by Ross Racine


Heavenly Heights is the title of this picture, which it isn’t actually a picture  but a drawing. It doesn’t exist any real image beneath this one, just Ross Racine’s digital paintbrushes for designing non-existent aerial  scenes like this.  Enjoy!


All Streets by Ben Fry


Here you are a “deductive-image”. It depicts the Appalachian mountain range by using only individual road segments. Expressive result taken from “All Streets“, an  interesting project by Ben Fry.

“All of the streets in the lower 48 United States: an image of 26 million individual road segments. No other features (such as outlines or geographic features) have been added to this image, however they emerge as roads avoid mountains, and sparse areas convey low population.”


gouldThis artfully crafted map by Melissa Gould is a thoughtprovoking experiment – a narrative map, covering a fiercly discussed topic of alternate history: What if the Nazis had won World War 2? An extract from the artist’s comment, available on the project website: NEU-YORK is a cautionary meditation, suggesting what the local geographical reality might have been like had victorious Nazis succeeded in bringing the Third Reich across the Atlantic Ocean in 1945. At the same time it is an exploration of psychological transport, place, displacement and memory. This re-imagining of the city plays with comparison and misrecognition, exploring the coexistence of past and present, fiction and reality.”

For more information, map samples and an overview see: