Aquil Copier

In the context of the exhibition ‘The Importancy of the unimportant’ (20 September – 30 November), at the Hudson Museum (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) we will find the work of the artist Aquil Copier. Oil, airbrush, photoprint and acrylic for painting (should we say mapping!?) landscapes. Enjoy!

Aquil Copier
Oil and airbrush on canvas (diptich). 200x150 cm. 2008
I started my first paintings of aerial views in 2003 when I was travelling very often by airplane between the south of Europe (Italy) and Holland. During my flights I was fascinated by the striking differences between the landscape views from my country and Italy. When you are travelling above Italy you see a very different landscape then in the Netherlands: this is of course because Holland is a flat land, and Italy has a great variety of altitudes (there are alps, mountains, hills, etc). When you see Italy from above, you do not have the perception of clear structures. You rather see plots of streets and countryside -urban and natural landscapes strangely intermingled. (Aquil Copier)

Aquil CopierOil and airbrush on canvas. 30×30 cm. 2008


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