Special Issue on Art & Cartography

Our special issue on Art & Cartography has just been published by The Cartographic Journal. If you are interested in the interaction between art & cartography, you should definitely take a look at the table of content.

As discussed in the editorial piece, in this special issue,

“The interactions between art and cartography is explored through different artistic disciplines: contemporary art – including visual art and performance art -, architecture, literature, new media art and cinema.(…)

Putting together this special issue has generated some unusual and interesting collaborations between artists and cartographers. We hope these links that have been established will serve as the foundations for further interdisciplinary research, development and the realization of new interpretations of geography. The preparatory work in developing this special issue was also as much challenging as it was thought provoking. (…) Much still remains to be done, and exploring the relationships between art and cartography should continue to stimulate new utopian as well as hyper-realistic ways of looking at the world and at its complexity.”


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