Month: March 2010

Workshop “Mapping Environmental Issues in the City”

We (“the art and cartography working-group”) are organizing a workshop entitled “Mapping” Environmental Issues in the City: Arts and Cartographic Cross Perspectives. This workshop will take place in Montréal at Concordia University from Sept. 08th to Sept. 10th 2010.

“This workshop aims to encourage and explore the interactions between cartographers, artists, designers and any other area of ‘arts’ (poets, writers, dancers, gamers) who work in the various aspects of spatial representation. This interaction is envisioned as a way to stimulate the emergence of new forms of spatial expression that could contribute to a broader and deeper understanding of geographic phenomenon.”

Artists, Cartographers, Geographers and others interested in this topic are invited to submit a proposal before April 15th, 2010. More information at:


Blog (e)space & fiction

If you are interested in maps and other spatial machineries used in fiction (e.g. films, novels, paintings, music, comics, art works…) you should look at this new blog on (e)space & fiction. The main idea is to develop collectively a database of geographic forms of expression in fiction. New contributors are welcome!