International Cartographic Conference – Paris 2011

The next International Cartographic Conference will be held in Paris in 2011 (July 3 to 8). The deadline for submitting proposal is approaching very fast: 4 October 2010. If you cannot submit a full refereed paper before this deadline, there is still the possibility to submit an abstract (400 to 550 words) for oral presentation or a poster. There will be a theme on Art, Culture and Cartography (T5), so you might want to consider  submitting your paper under this theme (See the call for papers for more details).

Beside paper sessions, the Arts and Cartography working group will be organizing different activities. A workshop in collaboration with the worksing group on Maps and Society will take place prior to the conference (this workshop may also include an art exhibit). An experimental walking tour with mixed groups of cartographers and Parisian artists will be organized to explore the invisible borders between the arrondissements of Paris (July 4 at 5 pm). We are also in the process of organizing a film screening, and another art and map exhibit has already been organized. Hope to see you in Paris next year.


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