Month: June 2011

University of Applied Arts Vienna: Mapping the Terminal

Exibition at Vienna Check-in-Terminal, Wien Mitte:

Students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna were working on the complex transit spaces for over 2 years. They turned their attention to the questions: How are you guided and tempted through the terminal? Can we learn something about the structur of our future society through those buildings? What influences has the architeture on the flow of passengers?

The results are presented in the form of drawings, photographies and movies, from 9th of June to 1st of July. 2011 at the Check-in-Terminal of the CAT Terminal, Mitte Wien. (Check-in at Towncentre of Vienna).

Please find more information on the official webpage:

mapping the terminal


Art & Cartographie Exhibit – Paris / Saint-Mandé – July 2011

Another interesting activity related to the 25th International Cartographic Conference, will be the Art & Cartographie exhibit that will take place at the mairie de Saint-Mandé during the conference (for more details: click on the flyer on the left).