Impressions: Experimental Walking Tour in Paris

Walking Tour Map: Quartier du Sentier

The working group of Art & Cartography had a very creative and inspiring workshop at the International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Paris. During this activity, 26 people from all over the world with different backgrounds and interests related to arts and maps came together to walk through five Parisian areas in order to map the visible and unvisible frontieres. This was a very stimulating event as illustrated by some the following pictures:


2 thoughts on “Impressions: Experimental Walking Tour in Paris

  1. Hi Anneka and co,
    This sounds like an interesting (and fun) project. I’m wondering what “invisible frontiers” were mapped? Did the participants “map” their perceptions and experiences onto a physical street map, or was it more about recording intangible heritage and locating historical events or ephemeral cultural performances in the city space?

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