Emotional cartography of migrations

arton50258-ecc26This fascinating cartographic project aims to allow asylum seekers to develop personal maps of their migration experience. This project started with the frustration of Sarah Mekdjian, a geographer from Université de Grenoble (France), “to see maps where migrants were reduced to basic arrows” (although on the same thematic of migration, Philippe Rekacewicz has developped some interesting cartographic representations, including some with basic arrows…). Anyway, she decided to organize some workshops of creative cartography with another colleague geographer, three artists and 12 asylum seekers. The goal of this project: “To open a space of exchange with the migrants. Not only through interviews, but in a different way than the administrative questioning migrants are systematically exposed when seeking asylum. To tell things through different means, more creatives. To not just tell the facts – where were you, at which moment, at what time – but to develop a more emotional approach” (translation mine).

To some extent, this project reminds me the project of “cartographie sensible” by Else Olmédo.

Merci Violaine pour m’avoir aiguillé vers ce projet!


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