The edited collection “Piani sul mondo” (“Plans on the World”), reviewed by Tania Rossetto

cover-piani-mondo-bVery interesting review (in English) of “Piani sul mondo” (“Plans on the World”) an edited collection in Italian that looks more specifically at maps emerging from literature rather than at maps of literature as emphasized by Tania Rossetto the author of the review. This collection contributes to the extensive academic literature published recently on literary geography and mapping ( A taxonomy of the multiple relationships between maps and literature has also been developed by Ryan (2003) and discussed by Rossetto in another paper (2014) and a new open-access academic journal entitled “Literary Geographies” has been recently launched ( Definitely a very active area of research…

Guglielmi, Marina and Giulio Iacoli (eds) 2013 Piani sul mondo. Le mappe nell’immaginazione letteraria, reviewed by Tania Rossetto.

Ryan, M.-L. (2003) Cognitive Maps and the Construction of Narrative Space, In Herman, D. (ed.), Narrative Theory and the Cognitive Sciences, Stanford, CA, Publications of the Center for the Study of Language and Information, pp. 214–242.

Rossetto T, 2014, “Theorizing maps with literature” Progress in Human Geography 38 513-30


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