Call for Partipation: Catharsis and Connection Through Art and Cartography

from “A Sense of Impending Doom: A Strata-Walk for Turbulent Times”

The International Cartographic Association (ICA) Commission on Art & Cartography invites you to participate in their ICC2021 Pre-Conference Workshop: Catharsis and Connection Through Art and Cartography

Date: December 13th, 2021

Place: Florence, Italy and simultaneous Zoom

Call for Participation: 

In the summer of 2020, the Commission for Art and Cartography (ArtCarto) of the International Cartographic Society, in partnership with the Hamilton Perambulatory Unit (HPU), presented A Sense of Impending Doom: A Strata-Walk for Turbulent Times ( This experimental, emotional, ephemeral mapping event relied on the body-as-sensor moving through space, as well as other techniques of reading, framing and re-framing one’s self and surroundings as we explored how we sense and deal with impending doom in our everyday lives and in our creative work. We wish to follow up further on our findings of Impending Doom with a new call for workshop proposals, this one focusing on Catharsis and Connection Through Art and Cartography.

As the world attempts to find a new post-pandemic normal, how can mapping contribute to catharsis and connection? How can we move forward towards new relations, better ways of being and being together? Our next event will take place as a pre-conference workshop of the 30th International Cartographic Conference (Dec. 14-18). The goal of this workshop is to provide an intellectual and creative space to share different ideas and methodologies about how creative mapping practices can provide a sense of catharsis and connection towards post-pandemic times.

Works that capture the processes of creative mapping, spanning the fields of critical, emotional, sensual, cinematic, socially engaged cartography, are especially welcome. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: speculative mapping, science-fiction/utopias, feral cartography, culinary mapping, locative media art, soundscapes, smellscapes and touchscapes, physical contact or lack of, crowds, trauma mapping, rhythms of the day or night, etc. 

Please submit a short bio and a 200-250 word abstract that outlines your proposed project or activities for the workshop. Website links and images of creative works are encouraged. Indicate whether you are interested in meeting in person at the International Cartographic Conference in Florence (if possible), or will participate online. Note that registration in the main ICC Conference (which requires fees) is not required. This workshop is open to all and free of charge.

To submit, or for more information, please contact the Chair of the Commission for Art and Cartography, Taien Ng-Chan: taien [at] yorku [dot] ca.

Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2021

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