“Show & Tell: The Future of Art & Cartography” – A Pre-Conference Workshop of the 30th International Cartographic Conference in Florence, Italy (December 13th, 2021)


Online workshop: “A Sense of Impending Doom: a strata-walk for turbulent times” (Zoom, July 22nd, 2020)


Pre-conference Workshop on Reclaiming Through Mapping: The Olympic Sites of Tokyo” (Tokyo, Japan, July 13-14, 2019).


Pre-conference Workshop on “Maps and Emotions (Washington DC, July 1-2, 2017).

Publication of the SECOND volume of the special issue of M@ppmonde (#121) on “Narrative Cartography” that compiles articles from the 2014 Workshop on “Cartographier les récits : enjeux méthodologiques et technologiques.”


Publication of the FIRST volume of the special issue of M@ppmonde (#118) on “Narrative Cartography” that compiles articles from the 2014 Workshop on “Cartographier les récits : enjeux méthodologiques et technologiques.”

Designing a poster on Mapping Gender and (In)Equality for the UN sustainable development goals.


Pre-conference Workshop on “Mapping Ephemeralities / Ephemeral Cartographies (Rio de Janeiro, August 21-22, 2015).

During the 27th International Cartography Conference (ICC 2015) in Rio-de-Janeiro there were also a few sessions on Art, Culture and Cartography and our commission organized a double film screening: Unmappable and Let’s Get Lost.


Workshop on “Cartographier les récits : enjeux méthodologiques et technologiques“, 82e congrès de l’ACFAS, Université Concordia, Montréal (QC) / 12-13 mai 2014

Publication of two special issues of two academic journals on Cartography and Narratives:

  • One in NANO – New American Notes Online (co-edited by Laurene Vaughan and Matthew Bissen)
  • One in The Cartographic Journal (co-edited by Sébastien Caquard and William Cartwright)


Activities at the 26th International Cartography Conference (ICC 2013) in Dresden: 

  • A pre-conference workshop on Maps and Games (in collaboration with the Maps and Society Commission). About 20 participants from all over the world joined us for this workshop, which included four paper presentations and a playground gaming session organized by the collective of artists and game designers Invisible Playground.
  • Three paper sessions during the main conference. All these sessions were all very well attended and quite stimulating.
  • Screening of a preliminary version of our collective and experimental film on cartography and narratives entitled “MDMD – A Multi Dimentional Mapping Device

Release of the collective film entitled “Narrating Place” curated by Matthew Bissen, Paul Ritchard and Laurene Vaughan.


Workshop on “Cartography and Narratives” – ETH Zurich, Switzerland – June 11th-13th, 2012.

This workshop was organized by the Commission on Arts & Cartography in collaboration with ETH Zurich and Concordia University (Montreal). It brought together 30 artists, scholars and students from cartography, geography, the humanities and the arts interested in exploring further the relationships between maps and narratives from multiple perspectives (e.g. theory, performance, technology, design).


Edited special issue: Piatti B. and Hurni L. (2011). Cartographies of Fictional Worlds, The Cartographic Journal 48(4).

Edited book published: Caquard S., Vaughan L., and Cartwright W. (eds.) 2011. “Mapping Environmental Issues in the City: Cartography and Arts Cross-Perspectives“, Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Activities at the 2011 International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Santiago:


Workhop. “Mapping” Environmental Issues in the City: Arts and Cartographic Cross Perspectives. Concordia University, Montréal (Sept. 2010).


Publication of a Special Issue: Caquard S., Piatti B., and Cartwright W. (2009) The Cartographic Journal 46(4), Special issue on Art & Cartography

Activities at the 2009 International Cartographic Conference (ICC) in Santiago:

  • Working group meeting ICC 2009 (Attendance: 19 people);
  • Movie screening (A historical review of maps in film edited by Giacomo Andreucci & Virtual globes were born in cinema : A century of envisioning dynamic maps in movies edited by Sébastien Caquard) ICC 2009 (Attendance: About a 100 people);
  • Two Sessions ICC 2009:  8 papers (Very well attended: up to 110 people).


Committee meeting (Melbourne, Nov. 2008)

Edited book published: Cartwright W., Gardner G. and Lehn A. (Eds.). 2008. Cartography & Art, Springer.

The first activity of this group was to organize a Symposium on Art and Cartography in Vienna, Feb 1-2, 2008.


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