Maps and Emotions workshop – Day 2

In a morning we met at the Jefferson memorial. Mathilde Christmann and Elise Olmedo (and Mathias Poisson) took us to a multi sensory mapping activity. Following a map score methodology we walked around the site focusing on our emotions and perceptions and we then we mapped our experiences.

In the afternoon we went back to the Washington University Library and had two series of papers presentations followed by discussions and exchanges on multiple aspects of the relationships between maps and emotions. We kept the discussions going on a rooftop bar near the University. Now we need to decide what to do with all the great material presented and created during these two days…


Maps and Emotions workshop – Day 1

About 60 people joined us for this first day, witch was more than the 50 people expected. Fortunately, the beautiful room that was made available for us (Thanks Nuala Cowan) at the National Churchill Library and Center at George Washington University.

This first afternoon was divided in two parts. During the first half of the afternoon we had six stimulating presentations on different aspects of the relationships between maps, places, emotions, nostalgia and memory. Then after the break, the group was divided in two: one subgroup went outside under the rain to collect images based on different topographic maps of Washington DC, while the second subgroup stayed cool inside drawing time maps about their journeys to the workshop (more details about the program of the workshop here).