Syracuse (NY) – An Atlas: Radical Cartography Exhibition

Pedro Lasch - Gu�as de Ruta / Route Guides, 2003/2006 - LATINO/A AMERICA series

From the Post Standard:

“Syracuse, NY: Redhouse, An Atlas, a nationally traveling art exhibition. The show runs from Tuesday February 5th, 2008 to Wednesday March 12th, 2008.

About the exhibition: An Atlas is a nationally traveling exhibition of artists working with “radical cartography”-a practice that uses maps and mapping to promote social change, and that is part of a cultural movement that links art, geography, and activism. The participating artists, architects, and collectives in the exhibition play with cartographic convention-geographic shapes, wayfinding symbols, and aerial views- in order to take on issues from globalization to garbage.

About the Book: An Atlas of Radical Cartography is a collection of 10 maps and 10 essays about social issues from globalization to garbage; surveillance to extraordinary rendition; statelessness to visibility; deportation to migration. The map is inherently political– and the contributions to this book wear their politics on their sleeves. An Atlas of Radical Cartography provides a critical foundation for an area of work that bridges art/design, cartography/geography, and activism. The maps and essays in this book provoke new understandings of networks and representations of power and its effects on people and places. These new perceptions of the world are the prerequisites of social change. An Atlas of Radical Cartography book will be available for purchase at Redhouse.”

Thank you to Don Mitchell for sharing this information. For more information on the atlas, you can visit www.an-atlas.com

Symposium on Art & Cartography – Vienna, Feb. 1-2, 2008


The first activity of this group was to organize a Symposium on Art and Cartography in Vienna, Feb 1-2, 2008. This symposium provided a great opportunity for cartographers and artists to meet and exchange. This Symposium was organised by William Cartwright (president of the ICA and initiator of the Art & Cartography working group), Georg Gartner (Vice-presicent of the ICA, co-initiator of the working group and host of the Symposium) and Antje Lehn (professor in Fine Art and co-host of the Symposium).