Terms of Reference

The Art & Cartography commission aims to:

1. Explore the art element of cartography. Art in cartography means much more than designing aesthetically pleasing maps. Exploring the interaction at large between art and cartography involves rethinking the way we approach spatial expressions. This entails: developing an inclusive approach of artistic mapping expressions; facilitating and encouraging interaction between cartographers who work with the Art aspects of cartography and artists who produce cartographic artifacts; and developing conceptual elements about the relationships between art and cartography.

2. Facilitate interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation of ideas and practices. Cartographers, artists, students, researchers from the humanities need to work collaboratively in order to redefine the contours of the relationships between arts and cartography. Real interdisciplinary activities call for special measures, such as developing a common language and a mutual understanding; promoting the development of hybrid cartographic practices; and supporting the diversification of activities that enable exchanges and interactions (e.g. workshops, festivals, performances).

3. Produce knowledge and new forms of cartographic expression and disseminate them to both an academic audience (e.g. publication of special issues and edited collections) and to the general public (e.g. blog posts, screenings, exhibitions, public talks).



  1. I was triggered by my fellow countryman and satellite artist Aquil Copier to check out your site. Although Aquil paints with different techniques and indeed different underlying ideas, Like Aquil I use Google Earth as a source of inspiration as well as a tool to go places. My work is very much related to the changing Earth. So climate change and destruction of habitats are the main themes of what I call Google Earth Art. On my blog you can follow my work in progress, my exhibitions and ideas: http://www.googleearthart.blogspot.com
    I’ve always admired the work of cartographers, and I still buy maps wherever I go (no Tom Tom for me!). I tend to think of my work as “emotional landscapes”. Reality is definitely at the base of it all, but my mood is likely to change or exaturate colours, and sometimes I just let my big brush go wild…. Wouldt’t you guys like to leg go just now and then?

  2. Greetings,
    I’m quite interested in your site as I am a cartographer creating art. I’ve contributed my mapping/GIS skills to artists in the past and am presently creating my own style of neighborhood map for Brooklyn, NY, through photographic collage, video and illustration. I will be posting these maps soon to my website but if you would like to see some examples email me and I’ll send you some examples.

    I would love to be a part of this association and contribute to this very fascinating and important discussion about art and cartography.

    All of the Best,

  3. I am quite excited when I chanced upon this site. Happy to note several like-minds. I work and learn with a bunch of undergrads of Geography students in a small suburban college in a densely populated small city of Trivandrum in the Southern most state of Kerala in India. I try to integrate learning cartography with local governance (check this out: http://www.itc.nl/Pub/in2010/Mar2010/GIS_education_reaching_grassroots_India.html).
    I am currently working on territorial claims nations make and UN endorse and how that impacts the livelihoods of the small artisanal fishing communities around the world… quite an ambitious plan.
    I am looking forward to hearing from the members of ICA and hopes to visit this often.

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