Terms of Reference

The three major goals of this working group are:

1. To explore the art element of cartography by:

  • facilitating and encouraging interaction between cartographers who work with the Art aspects of cartography and artists who produce cartographic artefacts.
  • developing theory on art and cartography and cartography and art

2. To facilitate interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation of ideas and concepts by:

  • encouraging and facilitating inter-disciplinary discourse.
  • encouraging inter-disciplinary projects and publications.

3. To disseminate information about developed theory and ontologies related to the interaction of art with cartography and cartography with art by:

  • facilitating installations with associated annotated catalogues.
  • developing multiple forms of expression (e.g. blogs, exhibits).
  • publishing special issues of journals.
  • developing and publishing books.


  1. I was triggered by my fellow countryman and satellite artist Aquil Copier to check out your site. Although Aquil paints with different techniques and indeed different underlying ideas, Like Aquil I use Google Earth as a source of inspiration as well as a tool to go places. My work is very much related to the changing Earth. So climate change and destruction of habitats are the main themes of what I call Google Earth Art. On my blog you can follow my work in progress, my exhibitions and ideas: http://www.googleearthart.blogspot.com
    I’ve always admired the work of cartographers, and I still buy maps wherever I go (no Tom Tom for me!). I tend to think of my work as “emotional landscapes”. Reality is definitely at the base of it all, but my mood is likely to change or exaturate colours, and sometimes I just let my big brush go wild…. Wouldt’t you guys like to leg go just now and then?

  2. Greetings,
    I’m quite interested in your site as I am a cartographer creating art. I’ve contributed my mapping/GIS skills to artists in the past and am presently creating my own style of neighborhood map for Brooklyn, NY, through photographic collage, video and illustration. I will be posting these maps soon to my website but if you would like to see some examples email me and I’ll send you some examples.

    I would love to be a part of this association and contribute to this very fascinating and important discussion about art and cartography.

    All of the Best,

  3. I am quite excited when I chanced upon this site. Happy to note several like-minds. I work and learn with a bunch of undergrads of Geography students in a small suburban college in a densely populated small city of Trivandrum in the Southern most state of Kerala in India. I try to integrate learning cartography with local governance (check this out: http://www.itc.nl/Pub/in2010/Mar2010/GIS_education_reaching_grassroots_India.html).
    I am currently working on territorial claims nations make and UN endorse and how that impacts the livelihoods of the small artisanal fishing communities around the world… quite an ambitious plan.
    I am looking forward to hearing from the members of ICA and hopes to visit this often.

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