This web site is maintained by the Commission on Art & Cartography of the International Cartographic Association (ICA). This commission has been created in July 2011, to replace the working group created in August 2008 to explore the increasing relations between art and cartography, and to stimulate new forms of interaction.

The goal of this web site is to provide an environment in which artists, researchers, architects, cartographers and citizen in general can have access to different sources of information related to the interaction between art & cartography.



  1. Hello
    I am working on a dissertation that considers if in an age of increased access to spatial data does the technological complexity of modern GIS now exclude artists from contributing to the development of cartography. I would welcome the thoughts of your members.


  2. On the contrary, I believe that the rigidity of database-driven GIS platforms ensures that future cartographic developments will more likely come from visual artists originally. Later their visualization innovations may be emulated in the GIS environments.
    Ron Wild, cARTographer

  3. Both yes and no. Visual artists usually have little or no understanding about how the system of signs have to be developed for proper cartographic communication. From my experience ‘technical’ people achieve even better results due to relationship between database and sign system logics. Ideally, such a technical person ought to have visual design skills or consult an artist but not to the point of violating rules of semiotics for just a ‘better view’. Once I was very seriously offered by a graphic designer to rotate an integrated map of Europe 90 degrees clockwise to achieve a better composition balance 🙂 you do not mean such innovations, do you?

  4. My name is Sibusiso Makhoba i heard an opportunity to see Mr Matiyane works its amazing the guy is real gifted and passionate

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