‘Mapping Budapest’ Residency

Jessica_DolbyJessica Dolby is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and she creates intricately detailed drawings / maps as an investigation and exploration of walking, place and site. In Spring 2015, she plans to visit Hungary to further develop her ideas at the arts organisation MÜSZi, under the project heading ‘Mapping Budapest /ˈBuːdəpɛst\’. By using psychogeography as a tool, Jessica ‘drifts’ around urban environments, creating psychological maps in response to the city. Using her technique of mapping and ‘psychocartography’ to engage with the city and people of Budapest, she hopes to explore this new city, create a new body of work and engage others in talks and workshops.

To fund this research and development residency, and to contribute to the running costs of MÜSZi, Jessica has begun a Kickstarter campaign. This involves those backing her in various ways, and pledgers can receive dedicated drawings installed in the streets of Budapest, bespoke mailing lists and limited edition artworks. Those willing to contribute to the project can do so here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2002142130/mapping-budapest-budpst


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