ICC2021 news: Show & Tell workshop + ArtCarto Panels

The Commission on Art & Cartography hosted the Show & Tell Pre-Conference Workshop on Monday, Dec. 13th (Dec. 14th for our Australian members) and saw 12 fantastic, intriguing, thought-provoking presentations in “Pecha-Kucha”-like fashion, starting with (as Vice-Chair Sharon Hayashi put it) “the more-than-human, moving from larger time spans towards the urban, morphing through software experiments before the ending on more directly political spatial battles.” A wonderful experience for all (recording below).

Recording of the Pre-Conference Workshop of the 30th International Cartographic Conference (Florence, Italy)
Organized by the Commission for Art & Cartography
December 13, 2021
Presenters: Jorn Seemann, Joshua Singer, Taien Ng-Chan, Michael Trommer, Chelsea Nestel, Joanna Gardener, Kévin Pinvidic, Nick Lally, Sebastien Caquard, Elise Olmedo, Glenn Finley, Sheila Nadimi

The workshop used a MIRO board as a visual collaborative tool, where participants were invited to add comments even after the workshop, and can be viewed here: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_koBWxGo

Although most ArtCarto members were not able to travel to the 30th ICC itself due to the ongoing pandemic, Sandra Ignagni was able to attend and to represent the Commission as Chair of the two Art & Cartography panels that ran on December 15th with 6-7 presentations each. Sandra noted that the presentations went fairly smoothly, that there was a technical coordinator in the room who ran the WebEx (in Italian) and helped troubleshoot a few very minor technical difficulties.

There were four varieties of presentations:

  • Fully recorded
  • Recorded with presenter joining remotely for the Q/A
  • Fully in-person
  • Remote presentation

In the afternoon we held our Commission on Art & Cartography Business Meeting, which gave an opportunity to discuss a few ideas for the upcoming year. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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